Bento, discontinued

August 28, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, FileMaker announced that they are discontinuing Bento, but we were not surprised at all. The last Bento update available on the Mac App Store goes even back to October 2012, and it was obvious that the app was going to disappear, sooner or later.

Even if Bento is the closest competitor of Records, we are not here for self-celebration. What Bento leaves behind are 20 employees and thousands of users, and this is more important than the "space left" in the market for Records and other similar apps.

More than ever, we now feel that it's extremely important to provide a new experience in terms of "personal databases" on the Mac, even for those coming from Bento and searching for alternatives.

To make the transition from Bento to Records the most painless we can, we are planning specific features that will possibly ship with the first commercial release of Records.

As always, keep following the project for further updates.