About Records and Mountain Lion

August 30, 2012

Apple finally shipped OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8.1 is already available indeed), but we're still updating all our Macs from Lion.

You know, we're very busy guys.

Talking about Mountain Lion, we decided to post an article regarding Records and the new version of OS X, in order to share with you our thoughts.

OS X 10.8 compatible

Records is still under development (if you didn't, sign up now to receive occasional updates and alpha/beta versions of the app) but we already know that it's going to be compatible with OS X 10.8 or superior, for two main reasons:

  • Apple is going to release a new OS X version every year (you can take a look at this post on Gruber's Daring Fireball), so we need to move faster than ever and grant compatibility with all new OS X available. That's why Records will not support OS X Lion 10.7
  • Furthermore, Mountain Lion is going pretty well, and more than 3% of users updated their Mac during first 48 hours from the initial release. Also if we don't have any ETA, we're pretty sure that ML will surpass Lion before we could officially launch Records

That's why we decided to develop Records for Mountain Lion from the beginning: as the app will be available, OS X 10.8 will be the most popular OS and a new one will be at the gates in few months.

We hope you agree with our decision: if not, motivate your ideas writing a comment. We're glad to hear from you.