Details: left sidebar icons

November 22, 2012

Left Sidebar Icons

We are obsessed with details here at Push Popcorn. Andrea is actually working on the left sidebar of Records, adding some amazing icons he made with Sketch app from Bohemian Coding, and we made several changes in those days trying to reach the best result we can.

As you can see from the opening screenshot, we added 3 icons to help you identify your databases (book icon) and which ones are stored in a local folder or on your iCloud account (cloud and folder icons). These latter are hidden by default, but simply pressing command+alt keys on your keyboard, they will pop-up, showing you which databases are currently synced across your Macs thanks to iCloud and which ones are only saved locally.

By clicking on these, you will move the selected database from its current location to iCloud or to your local library. It's great because you can control which databases are synced across your Macs, so you don't have to sync all the library if you don't need it.

We are still improving them, but we are pretty proud of the result.

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