The Records Design: The Early Stage

July 05, 2012

Hello Push Popcorn friends, we're glad to see you again!

In the last days, me and Andrea met together several times to talk about Records UI/UX. Andrea took off his sketchbook and we started drawing (almost) all the interface, with pencils and papers (always the best way to start).

As you already know, Records will be a "database for the rest of us", so we want to make it very friendly and easy to use. How can we handle this?

Well, we started sketching something you already know pretty well, a common OS X window with a toolbar and a left sidebar. The toolbar will contain all the buttons needed to quickly perform several actions and the left sidebar will hold all your databases. From here you'll be able to rearrange, rename and delete them, or select some favorites to keep them always on the top. And, of course, share them via Bonjour on your local network. We are also thinking about the possibility to hide this sidebar, so you can focus only on the main window: you'll can access the entire list of your databases from a popover, exactly the same thing you can actually do with calendars in iCal for OS X Lion. We are still discussing, and surely we'll talk about pros and cons in a future blog post (asking for your opinions - but feel free to add comments right now if you have something to say!).

Then we decided to add a right sidebar to handle all the items you could use to personalize your database. From here you can drag&drop components (text areas, labels, images...) in the main window and compose it the way you like and need. From the same place, you'll be able to modify these components too, changing their aspect and settings.

The main window will be divided into several "tabs": you may think of this like a different way to see the same data of your database. For instance, you can create a database to organize your collection of comics and decide which components are important: title, author, publishing date, rating, notes, if you lent it or not and so on. Well, with Records you'll be able to create different tabs to obtain only the information you need in a specific moment: if you want to take a look at which comics you lent and the title and rating, or if you want to see only 5 stars comics you own, well you can easily do it!

Andrea is already working on this but we want to know your opinion: do you like it? Write a comment and give us a feedback!

Surely, we'll keep talking about Records UI/UX later on this blog, but if you already have something to say, we're waiting to listen to your opinion.

PS. Have you any friends who love Macs exactly like you? Help us and invite him to join our public development of Records!