Collect everything. Efficiently.

June 21, 2012

Hello again,
today we want to talk a little more about Records, our first Mac app that we're going to develop publicly.

Records will let you organize efficiently anything you consider important: your shop articles, your books, your customers, your huge collection of comics and anything else. Yes, it will be pretty similar to a regular database, but made for the rest of us. Everything will be smooth and easy.

Thanks to its super-friendly user interface and intuitive drag&drop, you won't have any problem building your own database, totally visually. And adding new items or filtering existing ones will be super easy.


Main features we are thinking about

  • Database creation made easy, dragging different items where needed (text areas, images, values and so on)
  • Synchronisation between your Macs thanks to iCloud
  • Custom themes for your databases
  • And much more will be introduced

So, everything will be extremely simple and customizable but, under the hood, we are building a powerful engine that will run any of your libraries in a snap, also if you collect thousand of items. It will be impressive.

Join us during the public development, and be among the firsts to try Records for Mac.